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 LIFENET's faith-based True
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         New True Love Waits Program for high school students
                             this June in Harrison, NJ .
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LIFENETís 20th Anniversary
                                 Celebration Gala!
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  Welcome to LIFENET

LIFENET is a non-profit educational organization reaching New Jersey communities with the facts about the humanity of the unborn child, abortion and other bio-ethical issues. 

We empower young people with critical information on human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and an invitation to set the highest personal standards.  

"It is so important for our students to have access to a variety of information as they forge their way into adulthood, and you have contributed greatly to that outcome. You have indeed 'reached and touched someone'."


-Public High School Health Teacher, Morris County, NJ


LIFENET makes age-appropriate presentations to schools, youth groups, churches, civic organizations, etc., on the topics of abortion, stem cell research, and abstinence.

For more information on LIFENET presentations or to request a professional speaker, click on the “Our Presentations” tab above.



171 Clifton Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104  -  (973) 497-4500